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Enhancing Efficiency With Building Automation Solutions

With decades of expertise in the industry, our family-owned business is dedicated to delivering tailored strategies to maximize your building's efficiency and sustainability. Learn more about what Facilitec has to offer to clients across Ohio and surrounding states, and get a quote today.

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Illuminating Energy Efficiency With LED Lighting

Transform your space with cutting-edge commercial LED lighting solutions designed to brighten your environment and significantly reduce energy consumption. Our LED lighting systems are carefully crafted to enhance productivity while promoting environmental responsibility, making them a smart choice for sustainable operations management.

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Achieving Optimal Indoor Comfort and Efficiency With HVAC Controls

Experience superior comfort and energy efficiency with our advanced HVAC control systems. These solutions are expertly engineered to ensure your building maintains the perfect temperature year-round, offering a comfortable environment for occupants while optimizing operational efficiency and reducing energy costs.

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Boosting Performance and Longevity Through Equipment Monitoring and Control

Our equipment monitoring and control services enhance performance and extend asset life spans through detailed monitoring and strategic control systems. By proactively managing your equipment, we help you minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and improve overall operational efficiency.

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Custom Automation Solutions for Unique Needs

Our custom automation offerings are specifically crafted to address your building's unique requirements. From personalized energy management programs to bespoke automation solutions, we work closely with you to develop strategies that align with your goals and ensure maximum efficiency in your operations.

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